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Nicola Metzger Pflege und Reparatur

When we love something, we like to take care of it, right?

With these tips, we hope you'll enjoy your products for a long time!


We recommend an organic detergent. 30 degrees and short wash is often enough. Wash your product with similar colours. And we find that we need to wash much less than we often do. Sometimes it's enough to just hang the garment out.


Iron with one or carefully two points of heat and steam. Go over the entire scarf first. Then, if necessary, iron each edge separately. Go over it, pull the edge apart slightly, and let it cool. This will make your scarf fall nice and straight. (No guarantees. Every iron is different).


It can happen to anyone that, for example, you get caught somewhere. Or that your favourite piece gets a stain that just won't come out. Do you know iron-on pictures? They come as dots, in different sizes and colors. For the recycled polyester scarf, for example, it should be polyester. Iron it on. Careful with the heat. And you're done!