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Every colour is beautiful!

We make sustainable fashion for your joy! We start with scarves and soon home! And we cooperate with wonderful people!

Svenja Fuxs @svenjafuxs

Scarf collection "Parts of Earth". Our beautiful planet. The earth. She carries water, she carries mountains. She is full of warmth, full of cold. She houses animals of every color, plants of every shape - come with us on a journey!

... with

... the wonderful Miranda Banana @letsgetflashy, Aimy @aimiouu, and Floss

... with Eliza @elizaleviosa with her dog :) and the Joan Twins @joan_twins

Laetitia Duveau @itslittlevoice and Nic Hildebrandt @luziapimpinella

And ...

with Nic Hildebrandt @luziapimpinella

luziapimpinella Nic Nicola Metzger

We work environmentally friendly & fair trade

Umweltfreundlich Nicola Metzger

Environmentally friendly

We love nature. For all our products we use environmentally friendly materials, and want to go step by step into a circular way of working.

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Fair Nicola Metzger


In our supply chain, all partners and a sustainable approach are equally important. This is crucial for us to produce wonderful products.

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This is us!

We believe that fashion is there simply for joy. And that you can run a business so that there is only joy, that nature is protected, and that everyone is treated fairly. This way we go every step.

Henrik Happel Svenja Fuxs Jesper Lindgren Nicola Metzger Nachhaltige Mode Berlin