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Itslittlevoice Leatitia Nicola Metzger

Laetitia Duveau 🎯 CEO @curatedbygirls 🎶 @freefreedomdom

... she is like a forest elf, or a butterfly, or a rainbow ...

We make sustainable scarves for your joy! Fairly produced with environmentally friendly materials. We will regularly bring out new products for you! And cooperate with wonderful people! Come on a journey with us!

chic & elegant

For Nature. For your joy!


We work with environmentally friendly materials

Our beautiful planet. Earth. She has existed for so long. Our time here is so short by comparison. Earth gives us everything we need. Just like that. We don't have to do anything for it. If we treat her with love she will give us her abundance forever.

Nicola Metzger umweltfreundlich environmentally friendly sustainable nachhaltige Mode

We work fair-trade

In our supply chain, all partners and a sustainable approach are equally important. This is crucial for us to produce wonderful products..

Nicola Metzger fair trade nachhaltige Mode

Step by step into circular economy

Our scarves are made from recycled PET bottles, and look like silk. They feel like it too! If we can eventually turn our products into new ones, we'll be at our sustainability goal. That's where we're going.

Nicola Metzger Kreislaufwirtschaft circular economy