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We use environmentally friendly materials:

Our beautiful planet. Earth. She has existed for so long. Our time here is so short in comparison. She gives us everything we need. Just like that. We don't have to do anything for it. If we treat her with love, she gives us her abundance forever.

We love nature. We think dressing in healthy clothes is right and beautiful. That's why we use environmentally-friendly materials in all of our products:

Fabric: Recycled polyester made from recycled PET bottles (Global Recycled Standard and U-Circular Standard).

Prints: Toxic-free and skin-friendly (Oekotex 100)

Labels: Recycled polyester (Oekotex 100)

Thread: Polyester (Oekotex 100)

Nachhaltige Materialien, umweltfreundlich, hautfreundlich