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Julia Vismann reports: 

Silk for which no caterpillar has to suffer

At the "WearIt Innovation Summit" of Berlin Fashion Week, the Berlin designer Nicola Metzger shows her vegan silk scarves made from PET bottles. At this digital conference, the focus is on technology in fashion.

Silk, she says, is so elegant, but at the same time a difficult subject. Because even with "Peace-Silk", where the caterpillars are not boiled, the caterpillars would have to die after unwinding the silk thread because they are no longer fed. "That's why we thought it would be wonderful to create new things out of old things, just like nature does," Nicola Metzger describes her vision.

Her eco-friendly printed vegan silk scarves feature animals, butterflies, flamingos, elephants or leopards.

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Our scarves are made from recycled PET bottles. They look and feel like silk. But no silkworms had to die for the scarves. And by upcycling, existing material could be reused, and made into something new and beautiful!